• Pursuit in Life: The Understanding of the Mysteries of Life
  • Vibrations: High
  • Secret Dream: Uniqueness and Originality

Important Note: The Age of Aquarius has begun and it is therefore the leader of the Zodiac signs. There is high responsibility involved because others will follow the trends you set. This is why there is likely to be a lot of change in terms of personal values and ideals. Also, the philanthropic nature of your sign will come into focus.

Aquarians are not born to be followers. They are highly intellectual and this explains the large number of eccentrics, inventors and highly individualistic people that are born under this sign. For Aquarians, a large part of their pleasure as well as pain is derived from their ability to co-exist on multiple levels simultaneously. While it is hardly surprising that Aquarians dominate the American Hall of Fame, they also dominate mental institutions in the country. This surely is a sign of extremes.

However, it must be noted that Aquarians give high value to humanitarianism and often involve themselves in social work. They are known not be emotional, but objective in their judgment. They are also very friendly, given their amicable and extrovert nature and are loyal to their friends.

It is difficult to say that all Aquarians are similar. In fact, this sign is so given to mystery and uniqueness that it is difficult to find similar Aquarians- they all tend to be highly individualistic. This is easily explained by the fact that Aquarius is governed by Uranus, which is non conformist as well as innovative. Their uniqueness may appear to be eccentric or even crazy to some people. Aquarians are known for their ability to think unceasingly – no wonder many of them are insomniacs. Aquarians also have strong beliefs, be it social, political or environmental. But, it is important for them to have a belief as well as nurture it in their personal, social or professional life.

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