• Pursuit in Life: Consistency
  • Vibrations: Unsteady
  • Secret Dream: Easy, Uncomplicated Life

The quest of the Libran youth is to find the King or Queen of their dreams and this quest and where it leads is what shapes the rest of their lives. Whatever experience they go through, whether it is broken hearts, false starts, dramas or tragedy in the pursuit of this dream has a deep impact in shaping their lives. Even though they have a very happy go lucky appearance no matter what they are faced with, the fact is that journey to find their true love matters a lot to Librans.

It is easy for Librans to keep the world at bay. At such times, there is intense activity going on in their internal lives. For many Librans, their real life does not reach the levels of their fantasies. However, they are still able to lead a fully successful and independent life, while appearing to be devoted to a ‘close relationship.’ Their modus operandi is to role play effectively, which also brings them a lot of success in business. While it may be difficult to read a Libran when it comes to romantic relationships, business allows them the opportunity to be creative as well as gives them an outlet for expressive different facets of their personalities. Their charming nature can bring friendships as well as opportunities to their doorstep. However, whether it is in personal or professional life, Librans often agree instead of disagreeing when they want to for the sake of peace and harmony.

It is highly unfortunate to note that many Librans would have done better for themselves by staying single. But, Librans who do find their perfect love have a completely different destiny. For them life is paradisiacal in the way they had fantasized it and they totally live up to it. The important thing for Librans to remember is to pursue their dreams and not settle for the second best.

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