Zodiac sign left behind… the door

The occasion is far confusing: you get out of the flat for a minute to grab a pint of milk outdoor or the press and you have been out without keys and door shut. The door has the automated lock. That’s good for some cases but not today! You are at the door of your own house and cannot go in. You have nothing to do but gaze round and go into panic in the hopeless attempts to find a way out of this situation.

Capricorn will try his best to open the door with the hair-pin borrowed from the female neighbor. He is patient enough to try again and again until he opens the door, even it happens overnight.

Aquarius will call for the locksmith and set the task to go in without breaking the door open. Aquarius believes that this stuff happen despite of all logic rules.

Pisces will sit down the mat at the door and wait until somebody passes and gives her a hand of help, just for nothing, otherwise the Pisces will stay there till night and overnight.

Aries will try to open down the door by himself, providing the door is not steel-based one.

Taurus will bother the neighbors asking for the axe or any tool to break the door open in the righteous furious anger for the draught, locks and all that fate, you know. The Taurus has a burning desire from inside to come home back. The neighbors risk getting frightened by his blind rage.

Recollecting addresses of friends neighboring to him, the Gemini will go to friends to sit up and wait until help is there. It is good if the friend is at his place.

Cancer will switch on his genius memory on details, think of the key configuration and make the mould of it. By himself. And he will open the door. By himself. No breaking!
Leo will go to neighbors and he will ask to let him go to the balcony area to climb to his place through the window. Depicting the situation in all the horrible nuances, Leo will climb over the metal grind and to the balcony door and never mind that the door might be shut also. To lose nothing for asking.

Virgo will also sit in a yoga manner and goes into meditation process. She will move only after she makes the various plans A and B, (may be C as well) for various outcomes for the best of her. She never goes into panic.

Libra will seek for help. The Libra is sure absolutely that one head is good but the two are better, especially when the heads are those of friends’.

Scorpio will rely on himself only. He will not rush to pick up the axe or drill and will not climb the balcony as the true mountaineer. He will recall all his para-psychological capacity and the stuff, and will try to teleport into the flat without keys and just through the wall.

Sagittarius will leave for a walk. Why to break the door open? And he is right somehow for the family members will come back and open the door eventually.

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