The Death and How Zodiac Signs Treat It

Just imagine that you are on the board of the plane on the way to sunny Italy, dreaming of only positive feelings and expectations to enjoy. You fancy in coming up pictures of you yourself relaxing there on the beach, in the sun and at the sea… All of a sudden you hear the disturbed voice of the stewardess in the loudspeaker that takes you out of the dream and into the reality. You can’t understand a single word in Italian but you see there is something wrong with the plane. What is that?! No!! You can’t even imagine! The plane is going to fall down! Is it the real end? It’s strange: recently you have been predicted a long life and nothing about a crash.
Several minutes you are falling down… Heavy disgusting feeling of horror… Panic… Words of good-by to yourself… But what is that? The plane is all right again! The pilots did it! Hurray! Well, that’s fate that plays with us and today it smiles to you.
You heart beats as an engine. Do you remember what you were thinking while you were falling down? You remember what you were doing while expecting crush and death?

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Zodiac Signs Lost Their Marbles

We give the credit to the swiftly deteriorating environment on the planet, regular stresses, jams, exams and sessions, the apocalypses of the 2012, continuous flow of information from every source, technical progress, the swine flu and all the stuff we are concerned in and threatened with. The point is that the consciousness of the humankind is under the serious threat!
You think you are absolutely adequate? Ha-ha! (Have you heard my load laugh?!). You are mistaken, my friend! No single mind can endure such a load! If you suffer from nightmares a-la Omen, just refer to your Zodiac sign to find out your fate. Bear in mind that antidepressants do not solve problems!

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