Astrologic Humor
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  • Pursuit in Life: Survival against all Odds
  • Vibration: Resilient
  • Secret Dream: Triumph

According to astrology, Scorpios are the most powerful sign in the zodiac. They lead full lives and their personal relationships often tend to be dramatic and highly intense. Even when they are young, Scorpio children are known to be wise beyond their years. This is hardly surprising considering that astrologers consider Scorpios to the sign of the ‘oldest souls’. It is not uncommon for Scorpios to have all the answers, with few exceptions, given that they really are wise and old beyond their years. But on the other hand, they often have trouble fulfilling those needs that would make them happy themselves.

The three important aspects of a Scorpio’s character are power, desire and passion. Very often, you will find that the most difficult choice for a Scorpio lies between love of power and power of love. They are extraordinarily sensitive and they have great emotional depths and many around them find it difficult to fathom either. There is no other sign quite like the Scorpio and this makes them very extraordinary indeed. It is not uncommon to know or even live with a Scorpio for a considerable amount of time without actually getting to know them. In that sense, Scorpios are highly secretive. One is often left with the feeling that there are not enough words to express all the emotions felt by a Scorpio and Scorpios can feel all these emotions quite intensely. Dealing with Scorpios requires one to be psychic intuitive. They do not show their true emotions easily or freely. They often refuse or deny instead of agreeing or accepting. They have highly contradictory natures. They can be truly loyal, faithful and dedicated to their true loves, but they will never forgive or forget if the relationship comes to an end.

Scorpios tend to win at things. It is their attitude they need to be most concerned about. They will make it or break depending on what they constitute their mid power to be. They can be most difficult when they decide to be negative, whether about themselves or about others.

Scorpios function on three levels of evolution of the soul, which leads to three different kinds of Scorpios. The first is the Scorpion. This has seen the least evolution of the soul and tends to use its power in the worst ways. At this level, you will see the criminals amongst the Scorpios. The next level is the Eagle. At this level, the Scorpio is successful, entrepreneurial and high flying. It seems to overcome adversity and can turn negative into positive. The highest level of the Scorpio is the Phoenix Resurrected. At this level, Scorpios can be extremely detached as well as powerful. This is a stage when their wisdom of the ages comes to light and they are able to lead and inspire others. It is common for a Scorpio to function at all three levels of soul evolution is one lifetime. However, these stages may not be chronologically ordered.