Zodiac Practical Instructions On How To Part

Well, the things are not all right, yeah? Your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend has nothing to do with rose blooming and birds singing. No butterfly flying in the stomach and words of love are there on lips. So, this is the beginning of end. And there is the instruction on how to talk to your ex to part nicely, without reprimands and hysteria. The stars can give a piece of sparkling advice on what to do, indeed.

For her:
that‘s a pity but once you are the ladylove for the Capricorn, he does attempts to hold you in spite of fading feelings. He has patience to endure the stuff that goes till the last minute, though there is a threshold when he can brush away and leave you. Yet, here is the instruction on how to achieve this. The Capricorn should be done out! Look and behave as a light-minded, flirty and wasteful woman. Spend huge amount of assets to ridiculous unwanted stuff every time looking so touched with all the items bought. Forget a wallet at home and make a call to your Capricorn from the casher and cheerfully make him happy with the sum payable by him. Let him pay He is the man, he must pay for all expenses of his ladylove, no! Next time drag your boyfriend to the party and disappear for a half a n hour or so leaving him puzzled and confused, then fly back smiling and pleased to meet your ex-boyfriend with who you spent a nice time. Do not let the Capricorn open his mouth claiming you but if he manages to do that, immediately get insulted saying he is a great pain in the neck and boring person in the world. Turn around and try to escape. He will get sick of such behavior soon.

For him: She-Capricorn usually does not show off since she is pleased with her full and rich inner world. You pretend you do ignore her emotions and her intelligence accentuating that a joyful and cheerful partner is must-have for you and no more. No scientifically-educated blue-stocking is needed, even so smart. Criticize all her actions and motifs announcing your opinion as the most adequate and correct, even if you stand for the most outlandish matter. Never try to pay for her and on the top of it, make hints you want to share her assets. In the soonest time female Capricorn understands you are not her party and leave without scandals and quarrels.

For her:
The best way to part with he-Aquarius is to hang on him with a whole lot of complaints and claims. When he tries to make jokes in reply, stare at his as if he says something outrageous and nag again. Give any social measures and tend to stay home all the time. Wear your old gown with patches, watch TV and nag and nag again that he never pay attention to you and your inner world. Prevent the Aquarius going out to clubs or visit friends. Do not let him talk on the phone with them, even. When he is up and ready to make a time with you, provide him with the most boring evening to yawn. Be sure, in a couple of days the Aquarius will fade.

For him: The most valuable feature for the Aquarius is freedom. So, encroach onto her freedom telling her what to do, where to go, whom to talk. When she tries to object, tell her she is a woman and she has to obey you in everything. In a week you will not remember her name, man!

For her:
It is so easy deal to injure Pisces. Despite the fact he is much attached emotionally, he cannot insist on his own and go to his goals forward. So, if you come with the idea to part, you make sure you win. In order to speed up the parting process, get a little bit hard about his weakness, expedite the process, and get hard on his weaknesses, indecisive nature and softness, making fun of his emotions and feelings. Make crappy words to injure. Irritated to the highest extent, the Pisces will be found in the other pond in the soonest time.

For him: it is as simple to offend the Pisces as ABC since she is known for her great vulnerability and sensitivity. Get rude, cruel in words, vulgar and insensitive. If you’re in the company of friends, just leave her alone flirting with other girls. Though, avoid abusing with this for the Pisces is too sensitive and delicate to comprehend the stuff and swim away with the lightest hints on that she is unwanted.

For her:
male Aries is too aggressive and inclined to dominate in the couple. He is extremely jealous. Make an illusion you are not subject to be controlled by him and you do not care of his recommendations. Let him guess you have over ten admirers and he is on the tenth place. It makes him furious. And if you are not beaten, you will get freedom: he will leave you finally. And will never return!

For him: Want to part with female Aries? That’s so easy. Just add more routine and boredom to your relations. Make her exciting projects dull and behave as if her activity makes you yawn and sleep. When she-Aries asks to hang a picture on the wall, damage several nails before you do and finally have the picture hanged in the wrong place. She-Aries has to be aware that you are not the person who is a jack-of-all-trades. You need to hide your manly features. Soon, a long-awaited freedom is going to be about you.

For her:
The thing that knocks the Taurus to the highest extent is her capacity to do things. Always criticize her: you cannot cook, you are not able to get ready for the picnic, and you are the wrong person to wash dishes. If you feel like speeding up the parting process to intensify, demonstrate the absolute lack of taste, appear wearing old stretched sweaters and grandma pants. Look asexual completely wearing patched gowns, not well-groomed and when asked about having sex, look at him having a disgusting expression as if you ate a cockroach. He-Taurus will not long survive in such conditions and escape to the other meadow.

For him: If you are rude and insensitive, it is half-success already. She-Taurus is waiting for the stability and security, so ignore these! Let her think you are not capable to support her. Go and gamble at casino. And try to lose every time. She-Taurus does not approve losers and she will run away.

For her:
This is simple. The Gemini is unpredictable, occasionally addicted to new people around him. However, how they get to know to people, so easily they part with them. So, if you demonstrate how unhappy and upset you are grumbling on every possible occasion, you are on the way to win. Require and demand, as often as possible. And you see how cheerful and freedom-loving Gemini looks for the way to escape from such a pain in the neck not necessary to keep relations with.

For him: The Gemini is people-centered and when she feels you are boring, gloomy and dull, she will do herself all her best to let you go. Behave as if you are not the one to enjoy the time. Insist on having all the leisure time together reminding of the first dating, first kisses. As far as Sociable Gemini can not stand the monotony – just give it to her in unlimited quantities! Let her know you are the wrong person to cheer with and very soon she will find an excuse to leave you for another party-loving and merry person.

For her:
Wow, lady, you have a huge problem with parting with Cancer! It is definitely kind of trouble to get rid of him when he is or believes he is in love with you. First that you need to do is being arrogant and dominating. That really scares Cancer away! Plan your leisure time to spend together, neglect his intentions and plans, be sure to regularly criticize him, for the reason or just for your intimate planning only. Home and strong family are the two things that attract the Cancer most of all and if you behave as if you are likely the good-timer than a stay-at-home and you will be lucky! Let the house sink into dust! Quit washing clothes and just mess up! The Cancer is tolerant but if the things go like that for longer time, he will explode one day.

For him: The Cancer-girl loves being cared and loved. She is not going to escape when you are too abusive, but she will go into herself. So, make sure you do everything step by step. Pretend you are busy all the time and hide your emotions and feelings towards her. Discuss your job eagerly but when it comes to your relations brush away and make a dull face. As for your friends in marriage, try to talk scornfully about them. Do all the best to show that kids are the worst creatures in the world to spoil your life. And soon the Cancer is not going to be at your side waiting for you.

For her:
Once your boyfriend is Leo, you’d better show all your “royal” style to overdo him. Be bossy, haughty and pretend you and your things matter more than him. Behave as selfish and arrogant as him, and even stronger. Describe your exes to him relishing finest details listing all their advantages. Remember to forget when you finish with the other ex-boyfriend as if you are recollecting the good times spent together. Leo is not going to endure the lack of appropriate respect to him and he’d rather disappear in jungles roaring all the time.

For him: Let this blue-blood lady know she is too ordinary and all her majesty is just noting but pretenses caused by low-esteem and high uncertainty deeper inside. No compliments, no assistance to her to consolidate the effect. Making gifts, say no good words of encourage and present with consumer stuff, like pressing iron or a kettle, as cheap as possible. Dress up a little bit better than homeless persons. Such a man cannot exist by such a noble lady.

For her:
That’s not so hard to annoy the Virgo male. Behave as a blonde with a zero IQ and voilà – Virgo hesitates to look for another female. Another way to spurn the Virgo’s being too vulgar, abusive, makeup-addicted and too much talkative. And here the Virgo will let you show the way to another person not him.

For him: Quit to take care of yourself and look after. Have your nails and hair undone. With mourning under nails and greasy stinky hair you will not create the image required by the Virgo. Get late for dating, never apologize to him and look around for better-looking male. Tel practical jokes and laugh at them by yourself. You are not going to see Virgo the other day by you.

For her:
Whenever you have a person near you grumbling and groaning all the time, you go crazy and ready to disappear. And some people like Libra cannot stand sobbing for a minute. Yet, Libra is like such people. Tell him you live a hard life. Try to get revealed while reading his private messages at social networking and mobile SMS. When Libra knows you inspect him in every moment, he will likely part with you voluntarily.

For him: Be as nagging as possible. No positive thoughts at all! Tell her she is a looser, a miser cook and a bad friend. Show doubt in her sense of humor and intellect. In other words, reveal all your worst: be jealous, greedy and arrogant. She will delete all your contacts soon.

For her:
That’s a little bit risky to part with Scorpio. Scorpio is terribly jealous and if he sees you flirting with other guys, you risk to be physically and morally injured, as well as the one you flirt with. Behave as quiet as possible, be a shadow of him. Show contest to everything he says and does and you will see how he escapes from you.

For him: Once you come with the idea to leave the Scorpio, be ready that she smiles to you but stings at the same time. To stay safe and not to hurt her so deeply leaving her, get dull and only Scorpio-centered. Be boastful on every single occasion. Permanently talk about career growth and future projects. She will abandon all her future plans with you, then.

For her:
A love affair with Sagittarius will come to its reasonable end as soon as he watches the feelings fade and emotions get dull. He might be the first to announce of the break up. Your ironical words pointed to him will just commit to your parting. Make fun of him and his plans. He is a daydreamer. Take him by the collar and show the seamy side of life. Get indifferent to him and show more concern in other persons or even pets. Your Sagittarius will gallop away from you, be sure.

For him: Female-Sagittarius is rather cheerful and she goes bananas when people next to her are too depressive and damp. Demonstrate to her your miser attempts to live better than you are granted by life. Smile pretentiously as if suffering from hard life and heavy thoughts. Unbraid for her cheerful nature, her looks, her manner to eat and sleep, her friends and folks. Treat her as a sexual partner only and soon she will look to another side seeking for someone better and tender.

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