• Pursuit in Life: Explore everything
  • Vibrations: Intense
  • Secret Dream: To be ahead of everyone else

Gemini is governed by Mercury. According to Greek mythology, the quick-footed Mercury was entrusted with the job of delivering messages from one god to another. Little wonder then that people born under this sign are forever in motion, their quest being new experiences and new knowledge. They have immense curiosity and they want to know something about everything, but are unlikely to bothered with the details or in depth knowledge of any one particular thing. They are the types who enjoy variety, not specialization.

Geminis are also considered to be the most talkative zodiac sign. Those who do not expend their energies in talking, usually take up writing or learning new and foreign languages. In romantic relationships, they need a partner who can match them step for step. They are the type of people who want to be the center of people’s conversation for any reason, rather than not be talked about. And, the fact is that they usually observed and talked about as well as analyzed by other zodiac signs. Their uniqueness usually tends to make others jealous. They seem to have a mysterious personality and are seemingly unattached to everything, but they are also tremendously misunderstood and underappreciated for the role they play in the world.

Geminis tend to be multitalented. They are extremely adept at dealing with financial matters quickly and efficiently. They also love to think a step ahead of other people in the spirit of adventure and game play. But, it is also possible for Geminis to handle their finances leading to aggravations with their partners.

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