Zodiac X-files

Boom! Something explodes in the space, the matrix fails and you are disappearing from your cozy flat and comfortable sofa, while watching the next “X-Files” series and find yourself in the middle of the square of the strange city. You have just come home and when you watch “X-Files” you ignore everything, including routine activity. You are completely dressed and that’s good, otherwise you will appear in the strange place wearing just pants if watching TV Series broadcasted later than the prime time. However, it does not matter at all: you have no cash, no personal papers to identify yourself and no other things that could be helpful in the foreign country. What’s going on? What is the way out of this crazy situation?
Well, nothing to envy with but here everyone behaves differently. And we will see how.

Within first ten minutes the Capricorn feels himself as if knocked down or completely drugged. In some time, recovering from shock, the Capricorn comes with ideas what to do. He considers the things really; looks at pros and cons to choose the best way. He calculates which planet, which country and at which time he is found with the help of psychoanalysis deductive logic and he will do based upon the information acquired. But he never acts at random!

Under the impressions from “X-Files” events, the Aquarius gets stricken especially when he appears in the alien city but not on the comfortable sofa. The strangers wander and look at him in a very strange way. The Aquarius sits down the nearest bench in the park and waits absolutely sure that in the soonest time Mulder and Scully will appear to rescue him and that he is subject to the space and time experiment of the crazy scientist, that everything could be better and that FBI agents will definitely rescue him to appear on the sofa in front of the TV.

That is a stinker problem for mystic Pisces on how he manages to teleport so skillfully and tries to perform backwards, bringing all the fantasy and occult sciences knowledge to bear. The thought of more practical way to get home, for example, by hitchhiking, appears finally with the Pisces until it is too late.

Staring at the landscape in a stunned look, the Aries comes with the idea that you suffer from water on the brain because of the frequent watch of TV. Trying to remember whether any alcohol is taken or drug abused, the Aries concludes that fresh for the morrow and ten hours of sleep do wonder to him. And he goes to sleep onto the nearest bench. How does he know that the sun beam never solves the problems he faces?

When convinced that all happening is not the dream time spent on the so loved sofa and that he is left without any cash and docs, the Taurus comprehends that he is in real life, not the dream, and nothing can be ignored. First step is to get money. But how? Rob the stranger? No, no way. The Taurus earns money diligently and honestly doing small jobs but earning net money.

Gemini rushes to passerby persons with millions questions which do not concern time, surely. The Gemini is lucky if the people do not accept him as a schizoid and call for the police. And the fortune of Gemini depends on his skills to cooperate and communicate. The Gemini is known to be very sociable, and, thus, making friends with aliens for a day of stay there, the Gemini gets the shelter and food and invitation to stay longer. When the Gemini feels sad about their sofa (which is unbelievable since new impressions are far more crucial for him), he finds it easy to go home hitchhiking. The other way is that Gemini picks up his friends and travels to his home to visit.

Estimating the situation, the Cancer addresses to a young nice girl passing by or a handsome guy. He tells he comes from future and seeks for something very important, though the systems fails and takes somewhere in the nowhere, and the time machine is located in this city and that street. The guy asks for help and protection from the beauty and this beauty cannot help rejecting to such a seductive and nice-looking guy as Cancer. There is a risk that he falls in love with each other and the Cancer cannot recall his home.

Well, no money, no identity cards. That’s fine. But Leo is used to actions. That’s no problem for the Leo since these Zodiac signs are used to set goals and achieve them with all the efforts. The Leo gets home for sure. However, no one can predict how he is going to do it since he is too unpredictable.

Not believing eyes, the Virgo starts pinching herself though he gets nothing but the bruises. The Virgo does not rush to people, squeezing them and questioning on what happens and what is there. He is restricted and patient enough to consider the other way. Virgo finds it easy to escape from the alien city providing that his perception and common sense help him.

When in a strange city, with foreign streets and persons, cars driving by so strange to Libra, he finds the positive details in here. Good he was watching “X-Files” but not the Mummy or any horror movie. Otherwise, he appears in the tomb of the ancient pharaoh in Egypt or in the hell. Wherever Libra appears, he is too annoyed he is too hungry. And there is the second course at home waiting for him and this is the major reason to hurry home.

Scorpio has always dreamed of facing something similar. First, he gets delighted imagining he is in the Black Hole, Bermuda triangle, temporal gates and etc. The Scorpio does believe in telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis and he does not think he is getting insane or whatever. He just thoroughly examines the area happy with such a challenge. The Scorpio strolls along the streets in ecstasy, wildly delighted to look into faces opposite him seeking for the sign of secret of the universe on them and somehow subconsciously regretting he is not on the other more extreme planet.

Mystic misadventure does not knock the Sagittarius out to lose the natural optimism and belief in forces and potential of him. As a true adventurer, the Sagittarius invents the interesting way to return home. He hides in the freight train wagon going in the required direction or gets on the lorry of the long-distance driver. When the fate turns away, and the Sagittarius is somewhere else but not Baden-Baden, this Zodiac sign definitely finds the way to get to his comfortable sofa and go on with his watching TV.

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