Zodiac Signs Lost Their Marbles

We give the credit to the swiftly deteriorating environment on the planet, regular stresses, jams, exams and sessions, the apocalypses of the 2012, continuous flow of information from every source, technical progress, the swine flu and all the stuff we are concerned in and threatened with. The point is that the consciousness of the humankind is under the serious threat!
You think you are absolutely adequate? Ha-ha! (Have you heard my load laugh?!). You are mistaken, my friend! No single mind can endure such a load! If you suffer from nightmares a-la Omen, just refer to your Zodiac sign to find out your fate. Bear in mind that antidepressants do not solve problems!

Capricorn risks losing his wits for the routine life and deadness. But loneliness is not that dreadful for him and thus, he will not catch sight of how he‘s getting crazy. But his condition will be obvious to his family members as well as any attempts to make the routine life more interesting will be accepted as the efforts to disturb the peace in life.

Retardation process of the Aquarius can take various forms and shapes. The conscious of the Aquarius is too open and so receptive that it is like the duck soup to influence it and ruin. When the mind is stable, the affect is less. The paranoiac will start devoting himself to rescuing the whole mankind, or achieving sainthood or jesting of sins and drawbacks about others, neglecting his own disadvantages.

Pisces, hold out! You have so weak and fragile nervous system and, thus, you are in depression again. The long-lasting depression is the best that can occur. In the worst case the connection with other worlds will gradually shift from the friendly chatting with extraterrestrials to everyday prolonged meetings and channeling in reality with some voices and spirits. Though, there is no need to bother about this so much. You only need to publish the book with the channeling results and you will come up the next Messiah. There are so many retarded people who are up and ready to connect and chat with the outer mind and believe that the humankind goes from the material form of consciousness and existence to multidimentional and ecclesiastic…

Bursts of bad temper and then calm again is what the Aries is presented. When Aries goes nuts… he comes to the special psychosis kind as bipolar disorder. It means that he is thrown to the unexplainable dip when the person tends to open veins only or the misanthropic anger appears when you wants to rush and battle knocking with horns since “they are stupid”, followed by the feeling of euphoria and a wild thrive of activity. The feeling that everything is allowed and afforded, the ecstasy and enthusiasm make the blood run faster. But dear Aries, such a pity to break the hopes but such a high life thirst and flood of vital force is the psychic disorder.

Taurus is likely to go nuts on money or girls. Female Taurus will get crazy about cash and guys. Well, she can go crazy about ladies, either, since she has something masculine about her, to the slightest extent. So, making wishes, the Taurus will come to cause them come true to get satisfaction, again and again. And what is there to change? Actually nothing.

What is buzzing over there in my ear? No bussing? So what is it? No buzzing and no ear? Well, what are we talking about? Gemini? Oh, yeah, Gemini. So, my dear, those ones of you who are next to Gemini – take hold of your emotions and get ready! Now, you miss the chance to be sure to talk to your Gemini. Or this is one of those two persons inside him? You never believe and trust the Gemini who goes nuts – he has various versions on the same theme to confuse you. Surely, voices in the head talk so loud and simultaneously, which is called schizophrenia.

The Cancer will likely contact the Pisces and they both go to start occult sciences. When you are about to visit the Cancer in trouble, be ready to see him wearing lots of accessories dangling of the neck and ears and the head, like amulets, pendants, crystal balls, skulls, candles, protection pentagram and Taro cards. You will never leave him until you find out which color is your aura and your future is predicted.

Leo can suffer from the extroverted delusion. All the people around are deemed as vassals born to serve the king. When someone fails to obey, the Leo does not take it in. He risks being suppressed by his “vassals” who can make him go down the earth, but from time to time he flies off the handle.

The Virgo is off his rocker about household issues. So, Virgo can go nuts in cleaning and scouring every household item and wash hands three times at a time in fear to get infected. The calculation of calories and harmful ingredients in every dish he cooks or scrutinizing estimate of all profits and expenses can ruin Virgo’s nervous system eventually. Virgo is not able to suffer lonely. He has all the surrounding people involved in his affairs and he does not get calm until he eats the brains totally.

Chronic indecision and attacks of anxiety are common with Libra. Whether he fails to switch off the pressing iron or shut the tap before he leaves, and what if the house explodes, the wallet is stolen and the car just bumps into you? Life is so terrible. And when it is the time to take major decision, the Libra hesitates for long. He is too cautious.

Paranoia is the disease the Scorpio is likely to get affected. In the every day life, the Scorpio shows some paranoia signs, but when it goes to chronic form, something should be done.

It is so clear to tell that Sagittarius is much exposed to claustrophobia. There is nothing to do for the poor Sagittarius since urban life provides square flats and apartments to lose the mind. He will feel much better when he is in open field or riding a horse in the forest and no people are there around, nobody disturbs, no phone buzzing and no pain.

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