Astrologic Humor
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Zodiac Signs Beyond Times

Have you ever thought which country and when would you love to be and live and, perhaps, stay forever? And yet, the Zodiac sign affecting your birth can tell you a lot about it. Well, there may be times in future when the time machines will be found in every other family to travel here and there in time-domain measurements.

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Zodiac X-files

Boom! Something explodes in the space, the matrix fails and you are disappearing from your cozy flat and comfortable sofa, while watching the next “X-Files” series and find yourself in the middle of the square of the strange city. You have just come home and when you watch “X-Files” you ignore everything, including routine activity. You are completely dressed and that’s good, otherwise you will appear in the strange place wearing just pants if watching TV Series broadcasted later than the prime time. However, it does not matter at all: you have no cash, no personal papers to identify yourself and no other things that could be helpful in the foreign country. What’s going on? What is the way out of this crazy situation?
Well, nothing to envy with but here everyone behaves differently. And we will see how.
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UFO Horoscope or How To Deal With A Green Child Of Little Men?

Quiet windless June evening … you go home alone through the forest park … and you suddenly stop – you see the light beam from far inside the night sky. You bend down and crawl on all fours, carefully mentioning sounds and noise. What is there to radiate, then? Is it something to deal with magic?
Nearby you see UFO, an identified foreign object, presenting two purple aliens digging a hole. You are the witness of UFO activity and you are willing to remember every point of what they do to share with kids on next door to get proud. Finally, aliens go away. Their machine silently goes up and disappears in the sky. You make a rush to the place they were there a second ago and stop stricken with what you see: there is something moving there in the grass. Good heavens! That is an alien baby! He laughs and babbles something and you feel touched with delicate purple little hands. Wow! And what will you do with it?

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