• Pursuit in Life: Being Connected
  • Vibrations: Energetic and Erratic
  • Secret Dream: To make their dreams into reality.

Pisceans are known to be ‘gifted’ even though many tend not to make full use of their potential by being ‘confused’. If you notice, the symbol of Pisces is a combination of 2 fish, both facing in opposite directions. This explains why they are often confused and torn between two opposite choices. They also tend to live on two different planes.

This is also why, the digit 2 is of great importance to them. They are dual in many aspects – many consider them to be a saint and a sinner at the same time. They are psychotics as well as philosophers, lost souls as well as visionaries- they often have very contradictory values. This is also why they need to be resilient as well as adaptive to deal with the diverging forces of their own existence. Pisceans can be found at the top of the corporate ladder as well as at the bottom of the social one.

The ‘ivory tower’ syndrome is most characteristic in Pisceans. They want to explore their inner selves and recreate that in the outside world. They end up fantasizing so much that they tend to lose touch with the harsh realities, which often leads to confusion. Their perception of the world is colored by their desire to see it in a particular way. Emotions are typically the weakest spot in Pisceans.

This explains why romance is a very touchy subject in the lives of most Pisceans. When all is well with their romantic adventure, they are on top of the world. On the other hand, when things go badly, they are in throes of depression. Pisceans need to give themselves a lot of time to come to terms with the actuality of their lives. Nobody can adversely affect a Pisceans as much as they can themselves. That is why they are considered the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. When you are in an unaffected state, you can guide people around you. But when you get deeply affected by your reality, you tend to get confused, depressed and even obsessive.

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