The Death and How Zodiac Signs Treat It

Just imagine that you are on the board of the plane on the way to sunny Italy, dreaming of only positive feelings and expectations to enjoy. You fancy in coming up pictures of you yourself relaxing there on the beach, in the sun and at the sea… All of a sudden you hear the disturbed voice of the stewardess in the loudspeaker that takes you out of the dream and into the reality. You can’t understand a single word in Italian but you see there is something wrong with the plane. What is that?! No!! You can’t even imagine! The plane is going to fall down! Is it the real end? It’s strange: recently you have been predicted a long life and nothing about a crash.
Several minutes you are falling down… Heavy disgusting feeling of horror… Panic… Words of good-by to yourself… But what is that? The plane is all right again! The pilots did it! Hurray! Well, that’s fate that plays with us and today it smiles to you.
You heart beats as an engine. Do you remember what you were thinking while you were falling down? You remember what you were doing while expecting crush and death?

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Your Zodiac Sign Animals

Most girls find it gorgeous and trendy to boast with pendants incrusted with Zodiac sign gems. The Zodiac sign gems are deemed to bring good luck, happiness and they are good to transfer space energy to balance the peace in person. And why don’t we have a pet of our Zodiac sign if stone is not available or disliked? A live creature is far more effective than a stone, isn’t it?

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Zodiac Artistic Skills – What Are They Good At?

There is a number of brilliant people to give birth to masterpieces and works of art that live for ever. Their works provoke inspiration for others. The fields where various Zodiac signs show off differ from one to another. The stars matter as well as the perception of the world.
So, what if you are not highly gifted and you show no bright talent to distinguish?

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Make Money Hand Over Fist – Zodiac Signs

So, the Sun location in whatever constellation affects people at birth, conditioning all habits, preferences and inclinations. And yet, the actual issue to make easy money is always in the priority of activities in process of humankind development. The stars favor for some people to get wealthy while the others are godlessly neglected. And you might be the person loved by the stars, who knows.

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Zodiac sign left behind… the door

The occasion is far confusing: you get out of the flat for a minute to grab a pint of milk outdoor or the press and you have been out without keys and door shut. The door has the automated lock. That’s good for some cases but not today! You are at the door of your own house and cannot go in. You have nothing to do but gaze round and go into panic in the hopeless attempts to find a way out of this situation.

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All the Disgusting Things About Zodiac Signs. Part 2. Instructions For Girls

You are tired of all the horoscopes with all the superior things to happen with you? You want to know which sins and mucks belong to males that happen to appear in your surrounding? Then, you read and enjoy the below. Apply these instructions to prevent occasions when the disgust in your beloved personality goes open to turn everything upside down.

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Zodiac Bitchiness and Nasty Things. Part 1. Instructions for Guys

You are sick and tired of horoscopes where only encouraging features are depicted? You want to know about all sins and drawbacks of all women surrounding you? Then you read and enjoy. Start up and you will know what to do when you face nasty and bitchy nature of your girlfriend.

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Zodiac Signs vs Love

What is the feeling that was deemed divine and holy from ancient ties? What is glorified in verses and signs for ever times and by any nation? Which feeling does anyone experience even once a life? That is love, indeed! However, the attitude to love and the perception thereof depends upon person to person, and in particular from sign to sign of Zodiac.
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Zodiac Signs and Profession to Choose

As children we were often asked what we would like to be in future. We still remember dreaming of being a spaceman, or President or a famous actress, you know. As psychologists recommend the kids have to aspire to do something particular and perhaps, dream of doing something real. And the adults are to help the kids comprehend and pave the way to the dream. Just pick up something to snack, take a seat and get some idea of what you are and what you are going to be in the upcoming future.
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