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UFO Horoscope or How To Deal With A Green Child Of Little Men?

Quiet windless June evening … you go home alone through the forest park … and you suddenly stop – you see the light beam from far inside the night sky. You bend down and crawl on all fours, carefully mentioning sounds and noise. What is there to radiate, then? Is it something to deal with magic?
Nearby you see UFO, an identified foreign object, presenting two purple aliens digging a hole. You are the witness of UFO activity and you are willing to remember every point of what they do to share with kids on next door to get proud. Finally, aliens go away. Their machine silently goes up and disappears in the sky. You make a rush to the place they were there a second ago and stop stricken with what you see: there is something moving there in the grass. Good heavens! That is an alien baby! He laughs and babbles something and you feel touched with delicate purple little hands. Wow! And what will you do with it?

Aries does not tolerate anything extraterrestrial and he applied to special institutions to examine the baby. Or, as an alternative, he sends it to museum of space. Still, valuable artifacts! Gorgeous!

Taurus carries the alien baby home, where it is fattened, battened and then … no, will not slay! Then he thinks how to make money for such a kid. Perhaps, to make a show in a circus for the money. After all, there are no alien babies faced every day. Most Taurus signs can make money from nothing!

Gemini is not afraid of alien baby and he immediately rush to the baby to help. The charm the Gemini possesses can do him good.

Cancer has a strong sense of compassion on little kids and thus, he is not going to leave a little creature behind. He takes the baby in his arms, kisses on the chest, and no thought of being harmed and injured with the alien. He does everything to take care of the baby to call him dad in the end.

Leo introduces the baby to his younger brother, so that he can get friends with the alien baby. Leo is sure to raise a real person from the foundling and the final aim will be achieved for sure!

Virgo reports on the circumstances to the authorized bodies. He thinks they should come and do any kind of testing to see what it is like. Virgo vouches for improvement only. The progress of the humankind is when the other forms of life are identified in the universe, isn’t it?

Libra does not undertake such a great responsibility to adopt an alien baby and take it home. He is better engaged in sticking the ad everywhere addressing to people that: “Found an alien. Good and tender hands are welcome”.

Scorpio loves science fiction; he has read lots of fantastic books to imagine on aliens. He is likely leave the baby crawl where it is moving, untouched. Though the natural curiosity makes him return everyday and make video on the baby growing and developing.

Sagittarius is keen on mysteries of the Universe and he never refuse to learn something unique and interesting. Sure that the alien baby can share all the information on other world, the Sagittarius takes it home and start teaching the native language to discuss all the issues he is concerned in.

Capricorn quickly evaluates all the benefit from finding the UFO baby. And if he thinks something should be done, it is hard to make him change his mind. He bears plans to make a drawing of a flying saucer and other schemes of work in the alien world.

Aquarius makes attempts to connect with the UFO that lost or left the alien baby. Examining all the sound the baby pronounces, the Aquarius makes the alphabet to talk to him. Then, proud with his achievements, the Aquarius tries to contact with extraterrestrials on a telepathic level.

Pisces never touches the alien, whether baby or adult. However, the sense of sympathy to the lost baby overdoes and Pisces does everything to make sure the baby is fine. If the Pisces finds the baby sit still in the same place and no parents are around there, it makes him go into thoughts about the event.