Zodiac Signs vs Love

What is the feeling that was deemed divine and holy from ancient ties? What is glorified in verses and signs for ever times and by any nation? Which feeling does anyone experience even once a life? That is love, indeed! However, the attitude to love and the perception thereof depends upon person to person, and in particular from sign to sign of Zodiac.

Assuming his sense dominating over emotions and instincts, the Capricorn often is caught in the trap made by him himself. He stands up against the love for the fear of pain and loss. Nevertheless, love strikes his heart once upon a time and the Capricorn sets the other task to achieve, no less difficult – no single expression of love, no way. He puts on a mask of icy unconcern when no one can take in the strongest and tormenting passion suppressed to avoid enslavement to feelings. When the Capricorn fails to find the adequate compromise between emotional and reasonable aspects, it threatens to overgrow into nervous frustrations of various forms including deep depression. Some of this Zodiac sign go the limits trying to fill in the heart vacuum. The others put up with the fate and live a lonely life trying to convince the surrounding and themselves the loneliness is the best stuff and there is no best way to live but by themselves.
The Capricorn is able to live a long life without falling in love and then he opens his heart to the new feeling and devotes the rest of the life to love and beloved, the feeling he has contradicted and struggled against. Mainly the Capricorn come as people of conservative traditions; whilst they are overwhelmed with the desire to find a partner to reply on and build the stable family; they cannot tolerate frivolous persons.

Aquarius is too sensitive. The one under this Zodiac sign is inclined to put on a pedestal the object of love, give it the mystery and even surround with the mystic cloud that rarely matches the reality and actual image. Obsessed with the idea to interpret everything better than it is, Aquarius constantly gets disappointed and this causes him to reject love for the sake of friendship. The Aquarius claims fewer requirements to friends-to-be.
The love Aquarius feels is light and startling; there is something like the feeling of Gemini and has nothing with that of Scorpio’s. The passion can seize the Aquarius himself though it is not going to break the heart. The aspiration for independence will hold him away from the object of love, especially when the other party gets exacting. This Zodiac sign does not adopt relations when he lives like in the cage, even if it is made of gold.
The freedom-loving Aquarius vote for freedom and once it is not afforded, he will escape. The Aquarius is known to make the highest rate of divorces among the others. He is ready to devote himself to friends than to a particular person and he is willing to give more attention to other people than to family members.

Pisces is proud to have bottomless and mysterious heart which is roomy enough to guest cobwebs of various delicate hues of emotions, feelings and senses. Depending of what seizes his mind and heart, the Pisces can behave another way. Manners can vary from being Don Juan who dreams devoting himself to all ladies of the world and immediately, to a particular suffering victim of the tragic love. The girls vary to be romantic, fatal, mystic or faithful, subtle and obedient to one man, absolutely and forever, strongly and passionately.
Pisces falls in love and sometimes there is no single soul to guess of his true feelings. This heart, full of emotions, will house the highest and purest feeling.
Pisces is often hesitant, he prefers taking his time to win and in most cases he lets people act first. He does step aside anticipating actions from others. In several occasions he can easily yield his love and feeling. Love is like support for Pisces. He always asks to be demanded and comprehended and only then he comes as faithful for longer time.

Aries is the triumph of fire. He is gifted with the strongest energy since birth and he diligently implements it even in love affairs he is willing to be engaged since early age.
Aries is the susceptible, impulsive person and he flares up as fire. He is fascinated with something superb and falls in love at the first sight. Aries loves the only one person throughout their whole life; he is able to love as strong as possible at any age. Passion the Aries shows can demolish everything on the way, though it may go out as fast as it flashes when the Aries feels humdrum. He is attracted with innovative, fascinating and unique stuff; he is often keen on glowing and showy looks. His ambitions are high and he does not tolerate when a person impudently rushes into his privacy and restricts his freedom.
In relations with ladies the Aries tries to acquire what he is going to have and when he disappoints in relations or dislikes something in them, he escapes. On the other hand, he might be absolutely faithful to the one who conquers his heart.

Taurus lives in love and this feeling is as natural for the Taurus as to breathing; and it’ quite reasonable since Taurus is subject to Venus, the planet of love. The Taurus prefers quality to quantity, especially in regards to love affairs. He looks for the person to live in harmony with till the last day.
Taurus is a very passionate sign which unlike the Aries is not spontaneous at all. The feelings are not flashed about him, but they grow and develop gradually. When in love, the Taurus is up and ready to do everything for the sake of love. Neither critical words nor discomfort can stop the Taurus and he strives to smooth out the bumps in relations.
The Taurus is pretty sensitive, gushy and romantic. He swears to love till the last minute and asks the same. He is the one to possess the person he loves till the last drop of blood, but he gives his whole self in his turn. On the top of it, the Taurus is quite jealous, though he is a gentle and a faithful person in the world when in love. His love is everlasting and is not able to go out all of a sudden.

When Gemini swears to love, you’d better not believe. Perhaps, when saying the words of love Gemini believes in what he says though the other day comes and there is another woman to tell the loving words. The Gemini is not a liar, he is just changeable. It is quite divine to love the Gemini, only passion the Gemini faces is stronger for this sign to experience.
You’d better be by Gemini and remind of yourself if you want to keep him. He is very unpredictable and cannot control his sensation sometimes.
The Gemini tries to avoid scandals and conflicts. When he faces grippe session, he quickly forgets your phone number, so be careful with that!
You have to be lively and intriguing to keep his attention since the utmost instance for Gemini is brains. This Zodiac sign treats the life at ease and love is not an exception. It is game for him and you are not going to get bored with Gemini.

Cancer cannot think of living without love since this is the most susceptible and emotionally vulnerable Zodiac sign. The Cancer is romantic and a rainbow-chaser who seeks for ideal love. In love he is affectionate and faithful. On the other hand, he can turn into tyrant and abusive despot if he is disappointed in a woman. In here the Cancer escapes from the alien world and digs into his shell to appear in later on.
Family and home come as the most valuable stuff for Cancer. So, he can feel happy or intensely unhappy depending on what he faces. Cancer intends to obey to the partner. When the Cancer falls in love, he is an ideal man. And, vice versa, when he feels coldness and indifference, it gets too heavy to live with him. Feeling not devoted, the Cancer catches hold of the remainders of his love story. Most likely he escapes and waits next to his beloved. Cancer is willing to live in torments than to leave his love.

Love is not far from being a crucial feeling for Leo. He is gitchy and spoony, and he is thirsty for delight and worship. He loves flowers, gifts and love messages. Though the Leo strains ears to public opinion, he is up and ready for the sake of love.
Leo believes he is a noble royal person and, thus, his requirements are as high to meet. Female Leo is willing to marry a solid person with assets to own. Since early ages Leo shows ambitions and love to hurl money about. Male Leo is seeking for a woman created for him only. When he is happy to meet such woman, Leo feels triumph.
The most critical stuff for Leo is not to sacrifice his love and try to overdo the vanity when the choice of life is done already.

Virgos is twofaced, cold and impressive at the same time. The Virgo accepts the passion as the sickness of spirit which needs to be healed with the common sense. The Virgo analyzes his feelings, scrutinizes and tries to «experience» the love through the sense and doubts adding all possible drawbacks in personality of his woman. Sometimes such cruel attempts bring the Virgo to that he gets disappointed in the person he loves.
Virgo is a man of few words; he rarely speaks too much about love. Actions matter more than words for him. This is very demanding Zodiac sign. He wants relations to accentuate honesty, transparency and attraction and when any of these is missing, he prefers to step aside.

The major feature the Libra can boast is the skill to get along with people and be in the course of focus. The Libra does not usually fall in love at first sight, though he is gentle and sappy in love. He cannot be lonely for long since he thrives for human relations. More than any other Zodiac signs, Libra needs to be in alliance with the partner to undergo perfection.
The Libra adapts to the person he loves without going the limits. He is not the one to conquer, he prefers to be chosen. Otherwise, he disappears to look for another love when he is forced to express his emotions.

Scorpio is among the most powerful Zodiac signs to hold risky irrepressible energy and thus, he has craving for the strong emotions, limits and luxuries, including love. Scorpio is very passionate; his love is intensive to sweep away on the way. The Scorpio does not afford defeats and goes forward to his goals.
The major negative feature Scorpio possesses is jealousy. He is blindly jealous without any excuses. He is going to be the only person for the woman he prefers. Scorpio rarely expresses his emotions in public.

Sagittarius is the sign of bachelors and he is unlikely have the marriage among other signs of Zodiac. Male Sagittarius is a true womanizer while female one is light-minded. Love is sport, adventure and triumph of win for them. Such attitude to love can be held throughout the whole life until the Sagittarius is in deep love. However, he never misses the chance to flirt and have love affairs with other women. When Sagittarius falls in love, he does not keep signs to show truth and loyalty. He rather stays with the partner without any obvious proprietor’s manners. Again, Sagittarius is oppressed with scandals and he hates white-knuckle sessions.

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