Zodiac Signs Beyond Times

Have you ever thought which country and when would you love to be and live and, perhaps, stay forever? And yet, the Zodiac sign affecting your birth can tell you a lot about it. Well, there may be times in future when the time machines will be found in every other family to travel here and there in time-domain measurements.

Capricorn sometimes pretends being the expatriate-scientist living in the log hut in the middle of the forest or the astrologer close to the monarch who interprets the royal and the court dreams. The major parameter for Capricorn is privacy. Being alone, he prefers secretly affect events.

Where will Aquarius tend to go? At least, two or three centuries forward in future to the highly computerized time where the household is equipped with finest details of the latest technology and where the science reigns and the human master all psi-phenomenons to grow over nature.

Deeply in heart the Pisces dream to appear in the myth world where dwarfs and elves, witches and wood goblins live, mermaids swim and dragons fly in the sky. He dreams about the world where the magic reigns not the science and where kindness always overdoes the sin.

The Aries is impressed by the Wild West with the tough vital rules, skirmish and showdowns, the time of surviving and worship to power. This is the hottest time of the Aries-conquerors, the power of money and passionate love.

Taurus is delighted with Vikings. Wow, it would be amazing to find yourself among those strict Scandinavian warriors and take part in their marine trading and conquering marches!

Aquarius is not the only one who fancies of appearing in future. The Gemini also dreams of traveling between times when the travels to stars can be afforded as easier as travel to foreign countries by plane and if the favorite pet dies, it would be trouble-free to get its clone. The sky-high dreams the Gemini makes from time to time about the formula of eternal life and the dream to become the conqueror of the Universe seize the Gemini’s mind.

Caner would like to travel to the thirteenth century as the big feudal lord with vast lands and vassals to serve him. Power again. And big money..

Reading history, Leo imagines himself in the place of the monarch he reads about. Who else would he want to be if he appears in the past or future time? A European royal person of the Middle Ages.

It is the only Zodiac sign who is satisfied with the current time period. The Virgo lives today and does not like idling in day-dream. Though, Virgo will not reject to live in the 18th century in a noble family with great assets to afford everything and do nothing.

The ancient Egypt of the cultural bloom period is the place where the Libra wants to look at and perceive all the mysteries of civilization. The places where the Libra would like to travel include India, Japan, China, Sri-Lanka and Thailand. The Libra favors for oriental countries, as you might see.

Scorpio would prefer the world of magic to science. The Scorpio would feel at ease as a wicked or a warlock possessing secret knowledges and skills and capacity to affect the surrounding. Scorpio is not puzzled with the fact that the public would dash aside from him.

Sagittarius is a romantic knight of the Middle Ages. He is too elegant and courtliness shown to the Lady that he can battle with competitors at tournaments for her love.

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