• Pursuit in Life: To take Pride in their Achievement
  • Vibration: Resilient and Powerful
  • Secret Dream: Admiration

Capricorn is the sign of achievers. There are two different kinds of Capricorns. The first is symbolized by the mountain goat. Its aim is to reach higher ground and it eventually makes it to the top of the mountain. The second type of Capricorn is symbolized by the garden goat. It does not have high ambitions, not is it adventurous. Instead, it is content to stay on its turf and will move grudgingly. But, both types are known to be resilient, as they have the gift of patience and perseverance. They reach the end of the line by taking the first step and then taking the next one and the nest one and so on.

Capricorns are always in the danger of giving too much importance to work and not giving enough attention to emotional satisfaction. Capricorns find the challenge of a new job or an impossible deadline exciting. No matter what defeats life may offer them, they are continually moving in the same directions- up and ahead. Capricorns are not averse to trying out new ideas in order to succeed whether in love or in business, even though they are known to be conservative and cautious. In romance, they look for a partner who is up to giving them affection and they prefer permanent relationships.

Capricorn is governed y Saturn, which represents hard work, structure and responsibility. It is hardly surprising then that Capricorns tend to be great organizers and are typically practical and ambitious. The fear is that they may end up becoming workaholics. But then, their sense of humor comes to their rescue giving them a more rounded personality. Their sense of humor is rather off beat and shows up when least expected. Capricorns are typically motivated by a number of factors- authority, status, money, success and love. The cautiousness of the Capricorns is evident when they enter a new relationship, but the moment they get the feeling of security and safety in the relationship, they allow their inner selves to emerge. Also, Capricorns make the best, strongest and most capable friends in the entire zodiac.

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