• Pursuit in Life: Living in the Moment
  • Vibration: Enthusiastic
  • Secret Dream: To be a leader

Astrology regards fire signs to be outgoing, active and adventurous, and Aries is one of the three signs that belong to this category. Many Aries are adventurers, athletes and sportspersons. Aries are also surprisingly naïve and trusting, often walking into trouble open-eyed. Aries have the amazing ability to rebound from any misfortune dealt to them. They have unswerving faith in life. They are innocent at heart, just like children, and to them the world is fantastic and magical.

Aries is ruled by Mars and there is undoubtedly a lot of male energy in this sign. No wonder many Aries women are aggressive, dynamic and forceful and hence, face complications in romantic relationships. Men have to have extraordinary masculine qualities to deal with Aries women or they are left intimidated by them. Similarly, for Aries men, their romantic companion has to have extraordinary feminine qualities to balance his masculine ones. Given these very strong masculine influence on both men and women, Aries can sometimes be a very confusing sign. However, Aries women provided with this masculine energy tend to be forthright, independent as well as competitive.

Both Aries men and women are people who get the job done instead of just talking about it. They are impulsive and start acting without really thinking about it beforehand. They perpetually live on the edge and come across a number of extraordinary experiences. They draw from their experiences rather than their knowledge. They abhor restrictions, in any sphere of life. They travel often and enjoy challenging situations. They may even disrupt boring normalcy to get some excitement out of it.

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