Zodiac Babysitters

A study case: you are about to go out for a bouncy party and have the town red. All of a sudden your cousin appears in the door with her little babe and begs you stay with him for a couple of hours in despair. Yet, you cannot resist and refuse; you only question what to do to cope with such situation.


Capricorn is likely to spend some time with a babe though he will let the baby at its own. He provides the kid with a box of pencils and an album for drawing, or let him stay and watch TV and escapes to the other room to go on with the new video game. The failure to meet with friends for the frivolous time should be compensated anyhow, no?


Aquarius is the Jack of all trades. He is really creative to make up attractive games and the baby stays happy with such time spending. Aquarius treats kids kindly and, thus, babysitting is a pleasant thing for them. The joy time is ensured.


Pisces treat babies with awe and they are easily delighted with all kids. They are willing to play with children and discuss all those “smart things” with five-year-old kids committing to their development of logic thinking and perception of the world. They really enjoy talking to kids and will find it commonsense to expect reply for the matter of life questioned with a kid.


Why don’t you agree and baby-sit with your cousin’s babe? It’s fan, especially when such events happen so seldom. When it happens, Aries stays satisfied and enjoyed with the time spent with the kid. In their turn, kids find Aries easy and pleasant to play with, and really natural in regards to them. Aries never thinks of what they provoke agreeing to baby-sit so often. Small kids feel how the adults treat them and finally they ask their parents to take them to Aries for they are kind, responsive, joyful, really exciting (choose the wanted one).


Taurus is smart enough to kill two birds with one stone, and it’s really fun for him to baby sit. He is adventurous enough to take a child to jigs and crushes. The impressions the kid have are rose-colored and that’s quite reasonable – the kid was entertained with the whole team, no more no less.


Gemini comes so different in everything and their personality is also affected. He is not aware what he does and how the play antics next time. He can really change the plans and chuck in nutty parties for the sake of a kid. On the other hand he is willing to make up fake excuses with the highest speed to startle followed with the most slashing toss with friends.


Cancer loves children. When he tries to convince you on the contrary, do not believe them! Deeply in heart he adores these cute little creatures. Cancer finds it enjoyable to muck around kids and he really realizes he can contribute to the up-bringing of kids!


Leo is a little bit annoyed with the long-waited toss to fold, though he is not strong enough to reject cousin’s request. He is flattered with the thought he is able to influence the kid and show the example of what to do and where to inspire and aspire to in the coming future. He is ready to impart all the good and right to the baby, to the adequate extent, though.


The sense of duty is too strong in Virgo and he agrees to baby-sit though with a great hesitance. Virgo is known for inclination to the extreme stringency, censoriousness and crazy love for discipline. Thus, the kid left with the Virgo do whatever he plans for the kid until the baby’s mother comes back and rescue the kid. Within Virgo babysitting, the kid clearly realizes what is good and what is bad to do.

libra stays with the kid for sure and goes for a walk. He is so energetic and action-oriented that he finds the time to come at the toss, scroll at the park alleys and pop ice-cream. Enjoying any entertainment activity, Libra finds some piece of fun for the kid, either.

Only if the Scorpio realizes that it is only him who can help the cousin and baby-sits. He does in case if the Scorpio likes this particular kid, on the other hand. When the Scorpio likes the kid, the day spent with him is as deep in emotions and positive feelings as the New Year party or Birthday party for the kid. Scorpio is known to have mega-fantazy to conquer the heart of the kid. He is too full with ideas. He is too selfish, though. It is given by God.

Sagittarius does not like kids a lot. He finds them noisy and pain in the neck. Children are like the burden to annoy the Sagittarius. He really appreciates his freedom, this is what should be considered first. Most likely that Sagittarius asks another person to baby-sit with his nephew but not him. Another person of the other Zodiac sign.

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