The Death and How Zodiac Signs Treat It

Just imagine that you are on the board of the plane on the way to sunny Italy, dreaming of only positive feelings and expectations to enjoy. You fancy in coming up pictures of you yourself relaxing there on the beach, in the sun and at the sea… All of a sudden you hear the disturbed voice of the stewardess in the loudspeaker that takes you out of the dream and into the reality. You can’t understand a single word in Italian but you see there is something wrong with the plane. What is that?! No!! You can’t even imagine! The plane is going to fall down! Is it the real end? It’s strange: recently you have been predicted a long life and nothing about a crash.
Several minutes you are falling down… Heavy disgusting feeling of horror… Panic… Words of good-by to yourself… But what is that? The plane is all right again! The pilots did it! Hurray! Well, that’s fate that plays with us and today it smiles to you.
You heart beats as an engine. Do you remember what you were thinking while you were falling down? You remember what you were doing while expecting crush and death?

Capricorn will regret sincerely that the sense of instinct let him down and he failed to purchase a ticket to another plane. And why Italy, finally? There are so many other countries to relax in there. However, good reason and will prevent the panic to seize the mind. If death is on the way, the Capricorn would prefer to take a nap a little… The way home is too long, you know.

Aquarius reasonably supposes that he has nothing to do with fate. He will fasten the belts, breaths deeply and listens to favorite music whatever gadget he has on him. The Aquarius treats the life too philosophical to go into panic and take extreme actions. Why to bother if the fate is there?

Fatalistic Pisces will just close their eyes; catch hold of the handrails ready to meet the death, the inevitable turn of fate. What must be will be.

The first intention the Aries will have is just jump up and rush to the exit requiring for the parachute to escape. In fact, he will just stay in the chair, fastens to the seat and will experience the fear deeply inside him.

The Taurus will decide that might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb and will ask for alcohol with the trembling air hostess. When finished with a dozen of bottles of alcohol, the Taurus will fell much better and finally convince himself that it will do him good to face facts a bit later in the next life.

Gemini will badly go into panic and scream as soon as he finds out that there is the threat for his life. Once he is calm down, the Gemini does not appear as the potential threat for the other people on the board infecting them with horror and fear.

The mystical Cancer will quietly get into reading a book taken for travel time though he is absolutely in vague what it tells. In this way the Cancer tries to escape from any destructive thoughts. Well, a good endeavor! The Cancer will think that his psychic force and thoughts matter more drastically than any other factors in regards to the fate of the whole plane.

Even being so frightened, Leo will rush to calm down the other passengers in panic and then he will clash to the crew cab. Even if he has nothing about planes, he will try his best to help. No practice? Okay, he will help morally. The Leo has never missed the chance to show initiative.

Virgo will analyze all the crucial events in his life. He pretends he is the plane that is not falling and what would be if he had taken another plane? The Virgo is inclined to analyze all the situations and events everywhere, even in such extreme occasion.

Under the natural sense of responsibility, the Libra will try to maintain the peace and order on the board and prevent flashes of panic. Most likely the Libra will undertake to explain the current situation to the frightened passengers and the way on how to use the emergency oxygen mask.

Squeezing the teeth and catching hold of the rails, the Scorpio will experience all the emotions overwhelmed on the coming end in the absolute silence. Yet, only a good psychologist is able to notice that burst of emotions occur in Scorpio from inside.

The natural buoyancy and thrive for life will not let the Sagittarius go down. He is not going to put up with the soon end till the last moment. He will believe to the latest second that the crew is able to cope with the problem. He will be willing to do everything instructed to survive.

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