• Pursuit in Life: To Be Leaders
  • Vibrations: Radiant
  • Secret Dream: To Be a Star

Leos are ruled by their heart and love is an all-encompassing passion for them. Leos are born with considerable good fortune. Not only does their charisma and positive thinking gets them lots of opportunities and friendships, they are also able to withstand life’s trials and tribulations with panache and a smile on their faces.

Leos are very committed, faithful and devoted to their relationships. If they suffer from a broken heart, their neither forget nor forgive. However, if their relationship ends, they will move ahead without looking behind for a moment. It is impossible to get a Leo to re-commit to a relationship. When they leave, it is final. On the other hand, they can themselves easily cut ties without a backward glance. However, they will rarely do so without good reason.

The Leos have three different levels of evolution of their soul. The lowest is the Lion Cub, who is easily frightened and tends to cling to others for support and security. They are considered undeveloped and immature and they do not function well on their own. The second level is the Lion, the King of the Jungle. These are typically governed by their egos, but they protect and nurture those whom they love. Finally, the third stage is the Shpinx. These are highly regarded for their wisdom and their ability to guide and lead others.

Irrespective of which level they may be at, all Leos are adventurers, leaders and trendsetters. Their Achilles’ heel is typically their pride. They can be easily flattered, but rarely criticized without grave consequences.

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