• Pursuit in Life: Perpetual Intimacy and Reassurance
  • Vibration: Moody
  • Secret Dream: Feeling of safety and security in emotional, romantic, financial and spiritual matters.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, resulting in this sign being very enigmatic. Cancerians are full of contradictions. On one hand they can be understanding, compassionate and supportive and on the other they can be caustic and even jealous. They are subjected to ever changing moods. They can be the endearing eccentric sometimes and at other times they can be extremely insecure and jealous. Their symbol is the crab, and just like the crab, they seem to have a tough exterior and an extremely soft interior that can be very sensitive.

Similar to the Moon, people belonging to this sign also go through many different phases in their lives. There seems to be no stillness in their existence, whether or not there is any motion. Their internal lives are too full and varied even if their external lives do not change very much. Because they are linked to the Moon, each day takes on a different face for them. This constant change makes them highly unpredictable, even to themselves, but it also makes them charming.

To Cancerians, love and romance are of utmost importance, while a good ban balance comes a close second. No other zodiac sign deals with romance better than this one, but they react equally badly when it doesn’t work out. But, their ever-changing nature, not only helps them cope, it also makes them highly alluring, stimulating, mysterious and fascinating. This sign is rightly considered to be amongst the most magical signs in the zodiac.

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