Your Zodiac Sign Animals

Most girls find it gorgeous and trendy to boast with pendants incrusted with Zodiac sign gems. The Zodiac sign gems are deemed to bring good luck, happiness and they are good to transfer space energy to balance the peace in person. And why don’t we have a pet of our Zodiac sign if stone is not available or disliked? A live creature is far more effective than a stone, isn’t it?

An animal for the horny Capricorn is the ordinary she-goat (or he-goat for convinced Capricorn). For this Zodiac sign the best way is to move to the village, close to nature, grass and goats. A favorite goat can be cared here, shepherd and romp with kid-goats.

This is the sign of Air element with the flamboyant ideas, soul and consideration. The Aquarius is like the eagle that is always sultry in the sky, keeping in touch with the earth. Home-bred eagle is too cool and all the friends will burst in envy. If your space is not vast enough to breed the eagle, the canary or the budgerigar can replace it. It’s so nice to spend in winter evenings talking to your pets.

The Pisces needs fishes, for sure. The larger is the aquarium, the more variety of fishes can be housed there. It is gorgeous and it makes the interior unique. Besides, the meditation of the leisurely life of underwater calms down the Pisces himself and his guests. And the most crucial is to timely clean the aquarium, but it refers to routine affairs so untypical for Pisces. As soon as he overdoes with his idleness, the Pisces will go to the new level of space emotional enlightenment he dreams deeply inside.

Aries can make friends with the Capricorn and go to the village together to plough meadows, mow down and fleece… and knit sweaters, socks and scarves from the sheep yarn! Why not? That’s a great idea. Then all the stars are there where they should be.

Following the precepts by the Aries and Capricorn, the Taurus needs to live close to nature. The Earth element requires, you know. Yeah, a cow is what the Taurus needs. Absolutely sure that the Taurus will achieve the space balance if he drinks milk every day and feeds the cow with the good hay.

A monkey is the star animal for Gemini. It is curious, indefatigable, sociable … and there are so many features in common between Gemini and monkey. Take a chimpanzee home and you will get peace and joy inside. Who knows, Gemini is so unpredictable, though…

Cancer can afford getting crawfish as a pet. Why not? The only thing is to resist the desire to make the crawfish red and eat!

Leo will perhaps agree to have the king of animals at home, though.. you know…dimensions and sort of things. Yet, a cat also refers to the class of lions or vice versa. That does not matter. A cat of a red or reddish shade replaces a lion with a great success. The Abyssinian specie is the best to choose as a talisman. The tortoise cat known for thick fur and obdurate temper is also good. The cat should eat the normal food like fish, mice and the stuff but not pack food. Never try to
comb the cats against the hair. Why? Try and see.

If a cat is the pet for Leo, and then a dog is for Virgo. Virgo likes poodles and Maltese dogs but in most cases dogs of a bigger size are preferred, like Newfoundland dog, Great Dane. The female Virgo is recommended have cute pocket doggies. Whatever, Virgo needs a pet-dog to support his acid-base balance. Besides, dogs are so cute…

A lizard is the symbol of Libra. Though, other reptiles are also considered. You may want to have a terrarium with a small lizard in there. A small crocodile baby can be afforded to keep in the bathroom, to the extreme extent.

People would love to present the Scorpio with a snake for its sharp and poison tongue (the same as Scorpio’s) but the Scorpio decides to shock the others and take a small but real scorpion at home. Rare Scorpios are afraid of snakes, spiders and scorpions.

Sagittarius is a centaur. Half-human and half-horse. So, horses and horses again. To feed them and play with them. On the top of it, Aries, Taurus and Capricorn can join the team to be close to nature again.

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