• Pursuit in Life: The Good Life
  • Vibration: Overly expressive, Facing Burn outs frequently
  • Secret Dream: Making a Difference

This sign is governed by Jupiter which makes it the most optimistic sign in the zodiac by endowing it with qualities like love for life, sense of adventure and a natural exuberance. The symbol of this sign is the Archer, which means that Sagittarians are great at taking aim of what they want in life and achieving it, whether it is the perfect job, the perfect partner or anything else. A Sagittarian typically believes that anything can be made possible and it is this belief that makes the Sagittarians actually succeed in getting what they want.

Sagittarians are free spirited and it is difficult to tie them down. They are most happy when they are in motion. They like the spirit of exploration, whether it is new ideas or new cultures and they are often found choosing occupations related to philosophical enquiries, outdoor work, media or travel. They do not like possessive relationships. It is important for them to find partners who will not impinge on their sense of self identity. But, when do find such partners, they are known to be fun loving, generous and big hearted partners.

Jupiter is considered to be the planet of abundance and higher learning. This explains the love for freedom, the high optimism and honesty in Sagittarians. Sagittarians tend to be wise and they usually develop their own philosophy of life. The Centaur which is the astrological symbol of the sign along with the Archer tells you a lot of their character. Sagittarians who are evolved have to synthesize both the human as well as the beastly aspects of their nature for their arrow of aspirations to hit its mark. So you will find that while on one hand, Sagittarians are evolved spiritually and intellectually, they are very tactless. Similarly, when it comes to relationships, they must have freedom, but on the other hand, they are the most generous signs of all.

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