• Pursuit of Life: Security in personal and financial matters
  • Vibrations: Determined
  • Secret Dream: Happy, wealthy and secure life

Taurus is a very unique zodiac sign. It is impossible to know what is going on underneath their exteriors, which appear extremely calm, collected and cool. They are reputed to socialize well, but they tend to be discreet. They only allow people to get as close to them as they want. The fact is that they are extremely intense and their desires, feelings and fears run very deep, but you wouldn’t know that from observing them. It is impossible to sway a Taurean, once his views on a matter become fixed. No wonder they have earned the reputation of being boring, withdrawn, snobbish and even sulky.

Taureans are like vehicles that can run on autopilot. They can carry on their daily function on autopilot, without having to be fully involved in the activities. Instead, they focus on their inner strength to take off the pressure. The feel good factor is very important to Taureans and they like to be comfortable. They also don’t like change because it forces them to engage with the real world instead of operating on autopilot. This is why they like to plan ahead as well be in control of things instead of leaving anything to chance.

The fact is that Taurus is one of the three earth signs and as a result, they are extremely sensuous. They delight in the pleasures they get from their five senses. They tend to love pets and all things that spring from nature.

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